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After an order has been placed, please wait for a text message from us that will inform You on the status of your order.

1) If it is a pickup order, we will send a text that notifies you that it is ready to be picked up at one of our Best Eastern Branches.

2) If it is a delivery order, we will send a text that notifies you that your order is on its way, and of course with the Tracking Number included!

The below schedules are for your reference on how long it will take to fulfil orders:


0-2 working days


Brunei-Muara: 1-3 working days

Tutong/KB: 2-4 working days

Temburong: We currently do not offer delivery to Temburong

Please note that our delivery services cover only the districts of Brunei-Muara, Tutong, and Kuala Belait. Orders to Temburong are possible but require special arrangements. To ensure the success of each delivery to Your desired location, please provide the fullest and most accurate versions of the intended address for delivery and other details, in order to minimize confusion and misunderstandings within Best Eastern and also within third-party logistics providers. Failure to provide details in such a manner may result in a non-delivery or a delivery with added cost. If such a situation were to arise, Best Eastern has the sole right to determine whether You will bear the added cost that resulted from the error or omission of important details to complete delivery of goods. We will use our best efforts to ensure that delivery to You falls within the estimated delivery date to optimize the buying experience and also to build trust between You and Best Eastern. If Best Eastern is unable to meet the delivery deadline set by us upon ourselves, Best Eastern will contact You as soon as possible. However, in all circumstances, Best Eastern will not and shall not be liable for any losses, damages, charges, expenses, liabilities, and/or distresses that may arise out of late delivery.

Best Eastern will not and shall not be held liable for any delays in delivery due to Force Majeure or due to any other events out of our control, even if delivery deadlines and binding agreements have made between Best Eastern and You.

Please note that due to the complexities of order fulfilment, the estimated delivery time may vary for each item even if they have been placed under one order. Rest assured, that we will keep You updated on the whereabouts and estimated time of arrivals of each Product to ensure a great customer experience.