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In order to provide the best customer service to You, the Company needs to and shall enforce a strict no-cancellation and no-refund policy on items sold. By using the Website for any transaction whatsoever, including our physical stores, You agree to a no-cancellation and no-refund arrangement between You and the Company. In order to minimize dissatisfaction with Your purchasing experience, please review this refund and cancellation policy as carefully as possible to ensure that You fully comprehend the terms that You are subject to as a result of any transaction that occurs between You and the Company.

The Company shall, to the best of its ability, ensure excellent quality control in the fulfilment of Your Orders. If there happens to be any faults with Products delivered or handed to the customer, please contact us immediately (within 3 days) to explain your case. Once your message has been received, the Company will take up to 7 working days to process, evaluate, and contact You regarding the status and outcome of your decision to cancel your purchase. The process to fulfil the request to You will be clearly laid out through a means of communication such as email, text, and beyond. Please note that the Company and only the Company can decide whether a cancellation and/or refund request can be granted and executed. Requests for cancellation and policy can be sent to [email protected] As we sometimes receive large volumes of emails, please clearly note in the subject line of Your email Your intended purpose. For example, if you wish to cancel a transaction, please use the subject header “Cancellation Request” followed by your order number so that we can attend to Your request in the most efficient manner possible.

In the event of an unlikely situation where You have received a non-satisfactory version of the products and/or services that we sell, we may allow a cancellation and/or refund. The circumstances that we may allow for the cancellation and/or refund is as follows:

Order fulfilment issues:
1. Your Product ordered has been delivered or given to You in a clearly damaged and/or defective condition. Such conditions include severe folds, tears, scratches, and soaks. (Any slight blemishes or imperfections [conditions that solely lies within the Company’s power to evaluate, dictate, and decide] cannot and will not be classified as sufficiently damaged enough to qualify for a cancellation and/or refund.); or
2. Your Product delivered to You was simply the wrong Product, which is a Product that is clearly different from what you ordered (the best manner to resolve such disputes is to simply take photos of the Product You have received, as well as the shipping label on the box it arrived in, to verify the conditions the Product was in upon receipt.);

Payment issues:
3. If there has been a case of double payment or duplicate payments

If a Product was ordered and missing from delivery, the Company will work to the best of its ability to find a replacement for the missing Product as soon as possible. If a replacement cannot be found in due time, a store credit equal to or slightly greater than the value of the Product will be provided to You to compensate for the error that occurred.
If a Product was mistakenly included in Your order and was delivered to You, the Company will make the necessary arrangements to collect the mistakenly included Product from the Customer.

The Company will use its own method to fulfil any refunds that have been granted by the Company, and shall do so within an acceptable period. However, the final time period that it takes to fully fulfil a refund request lies with the financial institutions involved too. The length of time that the financial institution involved in the process takes is out of the control of the Company. Thus, the Company can only take responsibility for executing the refund to Your account on a timely basis. The Company does not and shall not take responsibility for the portion of time that it takes the financial institution to process, evaluate, and finalize the refund for You. The Company does not and will not be held liable for any distress, damage, loss, expense, or cost that You or any person may incur from a delay in refund due to processing time from Your financial institution.